Thursday, September 04, 2008

Jon Stewart Slam Dunks!

Never try to have a civil conversation with someone who is strictly partisan. As I talked to a frothing conservative recently, I acknowledged that Democrats can be full of crap. He bought that, but refused to acknowledge that Republicans can likewise be full of crap. No, no, no... Republicans don't need to embellish he said, all they have to do is bring light to the inconsistencies of Democrats. Hmmmmm..... Well, the staff with Jon Stewart put Republican words through the $h!T tester and came up with a shovelful.


didymus said...


I've had my own conversation, via email, this week with a "frothing conservative" friend of mine. In her initial email to me she mentions, “The media monsters (CNN, NBC) and radical liberals have taken full liberty to attack a female candidate who has proved herself time and time again.” And she concluded with, “Fox News is fair and balanced. Support the TV station that refuses to treat Gov. Palin this way.” I nearly lost my cookies when I read this at work.

Redlefty said...

Yep, I watched that yesterday online and he nailed it.

Gotta love it when you can simply use someone's previous quotes against themselves to "shine a light" on hypocrisy.

Both sides have plenty to go around.

Kay said...

I wish wish wish I could force my coworker to watch this (and some other) clips about Palin.

Steve H. said...

Its funny how both sides think that the "other side" has this mighty army fighting against them. The Right thinks the news media and the radical left is out to get them and the Left thinks that a Christian theocracy led by James Dobson is on the verge of assuming power.
Jon Stewart once again shows the absurdity of it all

Brook said...

well that was fast. video seems to have been removed. :-(
(probably by Palin working with James Dobson and his cronies...)

Adam Gonnerman said...

I received an e-mail the other day from someone I barely know and haven't seen for years. The e-mail was in all-caps and had a lot of exclamation marks. It ranted and raved about "Barack Hussein Obama" and how he wants children to die (abortion). It makes me feel very sad. Either the person is a moron or a xenophobe, or both. Using Senator Obama's name like that is solely intended to strike fear in the hearts of those who don't know any better, and then to make this election about abortion is too much. We've had 8 years of a Republican White House and haven't seen anything like the progress pro-lifers expected on this topic when he was elected. Why would it be any different with McCain?

bunabear said...

Any one who reads my blog knows that I am trying to stay balanced in all of this and boy is it difficult. I really went off on Wednesday night.

So let me calmly say, here is another example of the "absurdity of it all"

To quote Eliza Doolittle;
word, words, words, I'm so sick of words.

Andrew said...

Brook - Got the vid back up.

Steve - I agree, but there is a little more lean on the right wing email side. I don't get too many... scratch that.... I don't get ANY emails from Liberals warning me about the fact that Dobson is raising up the 4th Reich with money donated to his ministry (and that I need to forward this to 10 people now, or I am ashamed of being a democrat). However I get a regular dose of emails warning me that Michelle Obama is out to abort all children except for the ones her husband can set aside for his secret terrorism program. ;) Scarier still is that I get Christians who use those emails as their source when talking politics. Shudder - Shudder - Shudder....

Adam - I agree... I am pro-life, but that is not the lynch pin issue for me. They have been fighting this since I was a kid; heck, there have been WAY more years of Republican administration than Democrat since Roe V. Wade. Personally, I think there are a lot of coarse rich politicians who laugh their asses off at the schlups who are one issue voters. They can be as immoral, inept, or downright evil as they like... and all they have to do is throw pro-life in their platform and they get their insta-votes. It doesn't even matter if their record shows that they don't do anything for the unborn (or strip away programs that would help dissuade circumstances that lead to abortion).
This guy did a good article recently on this. Go about 4 articles down to his piece on abortion and morality.

bunabear said...

Thanks for the link


Really well written.

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