Saturday, November 03, 2012

On Wednesday, Life Will Go On

Disney's Hall of Presidents
Well, I didn't get a lot of takers yesterday when I offered people the chance to say something nice about the opposition (thanks to the two of you on FB that did).  Perhaps it was a little too optimistic a notion 4 days before the election.

Watching on FB, there are people on both sides of the isle who believe America is doomed if "the other guy" gets elected.  However, history contradicts this postulation.  We have had 44 presidents who also had opponents who were convinced America would end upon their election... but it didn't; neither will it this time.

Come Wednesday, America will go on.  We will clean up the East Coast.  Everyone will go back to work.  Students will go to school.  McDonald's will be serving coffee in the morning for a dollar.  Even Glenn Beck will still be on my radio, predicting the end of civilization and hawking gold.

Like I said, everything will go on.


Eruesso said...

That is until December 21st!!!

[Insert wild conspiracy theories followed by a series of poorly constructed arguments supported by "evidence" here.]

And that's why, Andrew, you should fear for your life.

Bob said...

Could not agree more. Life goes on. Even though both sides say this could be the most important elections of our lifetime . . .nah!!

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