Friday, September 14, 2012

Who Is "We"?

I don't have respect for "people of faith".  There are many people whom I respect who also happen to subscribe to a particular religious tradition, but their faith standing is incidental to my respect.

For hundreds of years, American society has given preferential treatment to people of faith. It has been assumed by the public at large that anyone who is religious has the fast track to honesty, courtesy, compassion, and morality. This was the default standing given to anyone proclaiming the language of the popular religion. If one was not part of the popular religion, the opposite case was assumed. An irreligious person must be morally hobbled.

All of these assumptions have led us astray on many, many fronts. I think it is about time people were judged by the content of their character, and not the stamp of their baptism.


Don said...

Your first sentence caught me totally off-guard. Now, I find myself agreeing with your premise. After all, the Fred Phelps of the world seem to have multiplied as of late.

Andrew said...

Yes they have... in fact, I find myself quoting Jesus to Christians all the time lately ... as a contrast to the views they hold or the way they behave. I wish someone would do a study as to what draws someone to be a Christian... cause it certainly does not seem to be the teachings of Jesus. :)

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