Monday, September 10, 2012

A New Species Evolving

In the primordial soup of Western Civilization a new species is evolving.  As with all evolution, this creature has self preservation written into the blueprint of its code.  It wants to live.

This new species is crawling out of the sea of ideas, clawing its way to the land, gaining strength with each handhold it acquires.

This species still bears the name of  its ancestor, but it has only a passing resemblance with that from which it came. Have no doubt that a new species walks among us.

The ancestor was known for its sacrifice, the new species for asserting its rights.  The ancestor gave, the new species takes. The ancestor turned a cheek when attacked, the new species destroys the opposition. The ancestor stood with the weak, the new species aligns with the powerful.

The newcomer to the evolutionary landscape and its ancestor look identical, it is only when they act that you can distinguish the two.

This new creature wants Jesus for the hereafter, but Ayn Rand for the here and now.

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