Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quotes From Blogs I Have Read Recently # 12

Like a musician, you have to immerse yourself in your chosen belief. You have to read the right books, listen to the right speakers, surround yourself with people who think as you do. You have to shield yourself from contrary influences and shocks which could damage your certainty. You have to train yourself strictly - often with the help of others - to shut out doubt. In the end it will come naturally to you, and you'll wonder why other people don't see things as clearly as you do.
Painting Fakes

So there I was standing at the front with several others who were hurting and just wanted to be prayed for. Then the singer started talking about the fact that we were suffering because we didn’t have enough faith. It was because of our lack of faith that there was suffering in our lives. 
Naked Pastor

Most non-believers don’t get their nose out of joint because Perry is a Christian. What is troubling is that Perry uses his elected office to promote Evangelical Christianity. He has no business, in his official capacity as Governor of the state of Texas promoting ANY religion. Perry’s willingness to ignore the first amendment and the separation of church and state make him an extremely dangerous candidate for president. He is a hard-core proponent of a Christian theocracy.
Fallen From Grace

Whatever the content of my children’s education (of course, I want it to be good), my primary educational goal will be that my children learn in time how to think—how to understand and not just repeat. I intend to work with them as they learn the ways of the world and what unfortunately passes for the ways of the world. When my children hear a lesson that contradicts what I’ve taught them (or plan to teach them), I don’t want them to raise their hands and just repeat what I’ve told them or sit quietly thinking my Dad would disagree with this. I want them to learn how to weigh evidence and assess the soundness of arguments. I want accurate thinkers, not repeaters. Heck, I’d prefer them to be mediocre thinkers to outstanding repeaters. Thinkers are better equipped to deconstruct indoctrination. Mine included.
Journeys in Alterity

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