Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Creating Breakfast

One of my favorite things about summer break is that I get to spend time cooking breakfast.  I am not sure why breakfast appeals to me so much; I think it is because I remember as a kid that it gave my Dad a lot of joy.  I love to put on a lecture to listen to while brewing coffee and getting the eggs frying.  It is enormously satisfying... one might even say spiritual.

It is the spiritual nature of it that prompted me to write this status on Facebook one morning while I was cooking breakfast:

and Andrew stepped into the kitchen and the fridge was opened, and another container was opened, which was the egg carton. And Andrew took from the fridge 2 of each kind of food which seemed good to him. Then he commanded the coffee to be brewed, and it was so. He spoke to the eggs and said, "Be thou fried!" and they were. Then Andrew ate of the food and drank of the coffee. He observed all that he had done and saw that it was good!
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    • Sharon  Love it!
      01 July at 10:23 · 
    • Vincent  What time is breakfast. Is it served daily?
      01 July at 10:51 · 
    • Andrew Hackman except Sundays.... then I rest from all my work...
      01 July at 10:56 ·  ·  1 person

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