Sunday, January 09, 2011

Why I Like My Velocity Cruz Reader

So I bought a Velocity Cruz Ereader. There seems to be no end to the Ereaders available right now, and I am sure that more will be hitting the shelves soon.

I bought the Cruz because:

A. I wanted an excuse to try the Android OS.
B. I wanted a tablet that was not so expensive that I feared taking it out of the house.
C. Mary Lee was interested in an Ereader that could also browse the web.
D. It was only $99 dollars.

The Cruz functions like a 7 inch Ipad (and I think this is the ideal size for a tablet). No, it isn't as snappy. It takes a little more technical prowess to handle. The apps are not as prolific.

Still, I use Opera to browse the web, it has most of the apps I like (Pandora, USA Today, BBC, NPR), and it has plenty of Ereader apps available. It plays MP4 videos smoothly and is a very good comic reader. It does not do most of this out of the box; so if going out and finding that software intimidates you.....

Also, the battery lasts for a good 5-10 hours and charges quick. However, there are not many acessories out there for it and the few that exist are expensive.

It is a nice piece of inexpensive tech.

*NEW* I just bought a case for it. The one by Cruz is 50 bucks (half of what I paid for the unit) but I got this one at Amazon for 25. Very happy with it.


Ami said...

I, too, have a VC Reader, (From my boyfriends as a Valentine's Day gift, an early gift, I mean), and I love it very much. In my opinion the higher end Readers like Nook and Kindle have nothing on Velocity Micro! It's sometimes quirky, but I chalk that up to it's "personality". Heh.


Ami said...

^boyfriend. I only have one. Don't know where that 's' came from. lol!


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