Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Brodie Awards

I have developed an affection for all things Mormon since moving out to Utah. The majority of my friends are Mormon or post-Mormon. There are many aspects of the Mormon faith that I greatly admire. I am fascinated by the journeys of those who have left the Mormon faith; their path, in many ways, mirrors my own exodus from evangelical Christianity.

Since a portion of my blogging often ties into Mormonism, I caught the eye of someone over at Main Street Plaza and they added me to their blogroll. It is a "Community for anyone interested in Mormonism". They serve as a clearinghouse for about a hundred blogs related to Mormonism, in addition to their own articles covering the topics of politics, religion, life, etc. They also have THE BEST weekly round-up of articles I have ever seen.

They started "The Brodie Awards" a few years ago in which they award the "best of" in various categories. Two of my articles have been nominated. It is gratifying to be acknowledged by a great site.

My friend Kevin, over at It's A Curmudgeon's Life, has also been nominated. If you haven't given his blog a read yet, check it out! :)
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