Sunday, January 09, 2011

Tomorrow Morning on Talk Radio

My friend Thomas wrote a note on Facebook talking about what has happened over the past day in political discourse. He also had a prediction for what he believes will be the tone of the Glenn Beck show tomorrow morning. He envisions something like this:

"The tragic shooting of Rep. Giffords, one of the few remaining honorable blue-dog Democrats that had not gone over to the communist front. Taken out by a left-wing radical. This is what I was talking about! This is what I warned you of! The progressives, the socialists, the communists in this government. This is where it begins. They are starting a revolution, and it's happening right now."

I had to laugh when I read it because, even though it was only written text, Thomas managed to capture Glenn's voice.

Though I think Thomas is probably going to end up being pretty spot-on; I found myself hoping that the ghosts of radio personalities past, present, and future would visit Glenn tonight. Perhaps a Dicken's like transformation would occur, and this is what we would hear on the radio tomorrow:

"I know a lot of you are tuning in today expecting me to say certain things, and I really was ready to...

...but I have something different to say, and I want you to hear me out.

Politics... got... infused with a lot of high energy this year... some of it good.. no, a lot of it good! Great even!  People cared! But amidst that energy, a lot of things got said and implied that shouldn't have. Hostile, threatening things.

Now, understand, I hear you. I know they did it too. Hateful, angry things said about conservatives. We can point at them and they can point at us. Each accusing the other of starting it or being the more vicious. We could go back over the administrations and see the same heated rhetoric being played over and over, as the other team had the ball.

And I have to confess, these past few years, I had no small role in it. I'll be honest, the more I stirred the pot, the more my ratings climbed. The book deals, the spotlight, more money than I ever thought I would have. I told myself, "I'm being truthful... I'm just leaving out parts ... or directing the story... but it's ok because other media outlets are covering those details."

But in truth, most of you are never hearing those missing parts or details.

Then yesterday happened.

And I quickly started to lay out my defenses and plan my attack...

But did anyone, liberal or conservative want what happened yesterday?



So, I am going to step into a different, perhaps career ending, direction. I am not going to try to justify conservatives or blame progressives today. I am going to turn away from my usual approach - which brought in ratings... but wasn't all that fair or balanced.

Today, I am going to tell the whole truth.

And the truth is that I really do think conservative principals are the best way to run a government and an economy. And honestly, I think I am pretty good at making a case for it; but how I do so is going to seem quite different from this point on.

Maybe you will join me in making our case to the American people. Maybe you will turn your radio dial hoping to find more of what you are use to.

Well, it is your choice.

It is a free country after all."

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