Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thank God for Taxes!

I just finished my taxes. I know it is in vogue to use tax like a swear word, but I notice an inconsistency. People forever want to complain about taxes and state why they shouldn't have to pay them... but they are happy to use all of the services that those taxes provide.

It reminds me of a Home Owners Association board that I sat on back in Michigan. Everyone at the condo complex was complaining about our lack of street lights. The neighborhood wanted the Board to do something about it. The Board realized that our monthly dues could not cover this anytime in the near future and that we would have to do a small, one time assessment to cover the cost of getting street lights put in. It had to be put to a vote and everyone voted it down; they didn't want to pay for it. However, within a few months, everyone was once again complaining about our lack of street lights.

As I drove to work today, I remembered that the nice road I drove on for half an hour was tax provided. The station where I pumped my gas was building inspected for safety by taxes. The medication I took today was scrutinized using my taxes. My son spent a day in a safe place being educated through my taxes. The police who pulled over the crazy man who zipped past me on the highway were paid for with my taxes. The Apache helicopters that cross the Salt Lake Valley because of the local Air Force base are covered by my taxes.

I could go on and on and on about all of the positive benefits that we reap as citizens due to our taxes.

Of course we want our politicians to budget wisely. Of course frugality can be a virtue. But I for one want to push back against all of the heated rhetoric that inflames anger, when there should be more thoughtful consideration occurring.

On this note, it seems one of the loudest anti-tax proponents, Glen Beck, displayed his contradictions during a speech to CPAC. While ranting against progressives and their promotion of "community interests" (a bad thing in his mind), he let slip where he had done his research -

At the Public Library!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Spot on, Andrew.

Imagine a 300 million people country and no taxes.


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