Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Warning! Solicitation Ahead!

For the past few years, I have been slowly building my collection of books by Graphic Library. In the beginning I was using super-hero comics to encourage my reluctant readers (I teach in an inner city environment and most of my students are years below grade level). Then I discovered this series which does short comic stories of World History, American History, Biographies, Science, etc. So in addition to encouraging the students to read, they are building needed background knowledge (a very weak area for English Language Learners). The graphic novel approach helps my emerging readers contextualize their reading. These books are very popular with my students.

If you are one to make charitable donations, perhaps you might consider donating one or more of these books to my classroom. No pressure! :) But in a time of shrinking educational budgets (a third of mine vanished this year), I am trying to think of some ways to keep my collection of these books growing. You can click on my Amazon wishlist here. These items can be shipped from there straight to my school. :)

*UPDATE: Thanks to Cody, Krista, Chris, Barbara, and Mary who have donated books to my classroom!!

You can cut and paste this URL to get to my classroom wishlist:


Cody Stauffer said...

Hey, does it matter if they are new or used? And, are you still doing this and looking for donations? And, if I write my own sweet graphic novel, can it be featured in your rotation (and yes, I am serious)? And is the wish list on Amazon current, or do you have some of these titles now already?


Andrew said...

New or used is great. I am still grateful to receive whatever I can. The wishlist is current, and yep, I would be glad to feature you in the rotation. :)

Anonymous said...

I sent the Jamestown graphic novel, and ordered 2 more. Amazon goofed and sent them to my address instead of your school. I will try to get them into the mail to you this week. I am a retired teacher/librarian, and appreciate your perspective on teaching. You have a great heart for your students.
Barbara, from Phoenix.

Andrew said...

Thanks a bunch Barbara! I haven't had the chance to buy from an Amazon wishlist before, so I am hoping they make it pretty painless. I just got your books today. Awesome! I haven't read any from the series the Mother Teresa comes from yet, but they looked so good I put them on the list.

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