Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jon Stewart on CNN's Crossfire in 04'

Perhaps many of you have already seen this, but I just found out about this clip today at Out of Ur. It is amazing to watch someone who is independent befuddle two intelligent men - because they cannot see beyond their own partisanship. Stewart is sarcastic, but I do not actually believe that is our main draw. Sarcasm yes, but honest. That is why he makes the other two seem like buffoons. They are so tied to their partisanship that they can see and hear nothing else. I think the coming generation is rejecting, and laughing, at partisanship.

Jon could not have been any more profound in describing what is wrong with our discourse in America.


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Mason said...

Wow, brutal interaction, but John called out what I wish the media would understand about the way they affect our political process and national divisions.
How sad that it takes a comedian to be the voice of sanity on this (or the finance meltdown, etc).
Thanks for posting it.

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