Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yesterday I completed my 300th blog post. I started this blog on April 22, 2003 with a few random sentences. I think my initial intention was to keep a diary of sorts, but instead it became a place for me to editorialize on life.

The first 3 years were kind of thin as far as posting goes. I used to hate to write. Back in college, I would drop classes that had any serious amount of writing required. It just took too long for me to construct a few paragraphs. I would stare at a blank screen or page and endlessly re-write. Now I wish I could write full time.

A few facts about this blog:

I usually get about 35 visits a day, but I had one freaky day two years ago when I got 215 for some reason.

Half of the people who come to my site have never been here before.

About a quarter of my visitors come straight to this site, whereas the other 3 quarters get bounced from other sites or through search engines.

The Truth Project Part 2 is my most frequented page other than my home page. It naturally is also the article with the most comments (51).

I love when people comment on my posts, even if in disagreement. This awareness has made me more intentional about commenting on the many, many blogs I read.

The good folks of Troy, MI come to my site more often than the next 3 cities combined.

After America, most of my hits come from Canada and then Austrailia.

I really want to know what happened to Jim of the Burrs and Mike from Ifs of Og.... I don't think bloggers should be allowed to drop off the map like that. :)

I get hits from IP addresses on a regular basis from people who NEVER comment. Who are you? Don't be shy. :)

I have made one "real life" friend through blogging. Thomas and I meet with a small group monthly to discuss life and God over coffee.

I type most of my blog entries from my computer desk in the family room while looking out at the mountains.

The busier I am the more I write. When I have lots of time on my hands, my writing slows to a crawl. Weird.

My wife proofreads my blogs 9 times out of 10 before I post. She most often corrects my awkwardly worded sentences.

I am grateful to have gotten to "know" so many of my regular readers over the years. I feel I have a band of friends whom I have never met. I wish I were a rich man who could fly you all out here so we could spend an evening around a campfire in the mountains discussing this thing called life.

Thanks for stopping by!


Redlefty said...

I was talking to someone about you tonight and referred to you as my friend. Glad you feel the same way about your digital commenters!

Sherry said...

I get hits from IP addresses on a regular basis from people who NEVER comment. Who are you? Don't be shy. :)

Hi Andrew,
I am certain one of those lurkers is my husband. I am always raving about your blog and urging him to check it out.

As you know, I'm one of those who found you because of your thoughts on The Truth Project. After that I was hooked. I have really appreciated your thoughts on a variety of issues and topics. I also appreciate the way you express yourself.

This "300" post is really special because you honor the evolution of your blog and acknowledge those who helped keep it going by coming back for more.

It is an extra treat to hear that your wife edits for you. You are a lucky man.

Congratulations again!

Don Hendricks said...

I am glad I found you and consider you a person I would visit if heading through your neck of the woods.

I hit 300 in less than a year because of a commitment to post a picture daily.

I cannot be as open as I want because of readers in my own conservative congregation who might misunderstand. Its a terrible thing to live in fear of fellow believers.

Andrew said...

I have never attended a liberal congregation, but I wonder if there are not probably silencing voices there as well. It is sad that we cannot speak without looking over our shoulder. That must be particularly hard for you as a Pastor. The worst that can happen to me is that I get limited on the things I can volunteer for. :)

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