Thursday, October 02, 2008

Politics and Religion - Both share the Modernity/Postmodernity struggle

I encourage you to head over to Out of Ur to read their article The Hansen Report: Modern versus Postmodern Politics.

I think the writer of this article gives a good summation of how modern and postmodern views affect our interpretation of religion and politics. He states that the arguments of McCain and Obama, and the way in which they are argued, are very reflective of the growing pains that religion is experiencing today.

From the article :

Obama spoke with empathy about the personal effects of the current financial crisis on Main Street America. He advocated greater oversight for Wall Street. McCain, too, said he wants oversight, but he emphasized different reasons for the crisis. He spoke of individual greed and said the government needs to hold the failed executives accountable. As the debate progressed, McCain spoke passionately about members of Congress who perpetuate the "evils of this earmarking and pork-barrel spending." McCain underscored personal morals where Obama accentuated communal values.
McCain is a man of action and frank talk. Obama sees intrinsic value in engagement, which may even produce unexpected tangible consensus. You could plug in certain pastors and see the same differences.


Steve H. said...

Very interesting article. I have never liked the terms of modern and post-modern finding them too clumsy of suitcases for everything that tries to get packed into them but I thought the article made interesting comparisons which I mostly agree with. The problem (or lack of it depending on your bent) is that a focus on Nationalism is increasing not decreasing. The global citizen idea is popular among mostly educated western populations. However Samual Hunnigton wrote a whole book on the future "Clash of civilizations" that is occuring and will only continue to grow.

After 8 years of George Bush, Obama's pan-national direction is very appealing, but McCain's direction is more in line with the way the world is and will continue to be. That may be too late for this election but my prediction is that with a Obama election, the realities of International politics will be outside of Obama's optimistic worldview. It will be Jimmy Carter all over again giving way to the election of a new Republican hawk in 4 or 8 years. Thats just my opinion...I could be wrong.

Andrew said...
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Andrew said...

I don't have a problem with the terms post modern and modern in general so long as they are used in a general sense. It is a blunt tool.

I do wonder why it is called "post" modern... as if it came after. As I look through church and political history, it seems that both styles of viewing the world have always been present.

"It will be Jimmy Carter all over again giving way to the election of a new Republican hawk in 4 or 8 years."

That could turn out to be true, but it bothers me that Christians would probably lead the charge to elect that hawk. We should be on the cutting edge... not seeking safety. Historically, the majority of the church has been on the wrong side of what SHOULD be the Christian ethic. It is almost like we are saying "Yes, Jesus said love and pray for your enemies, but he just couldn't understand what we face today." Since we couldn't take that stance, the greatest example of the Christian ethic in the modern age was carried out by a Hindu. :S

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