Saturday, October 18, 2008

Christian Prayer at Political Rally

Before you watch this, let me clarify that I in NO WAY chalk this up to McCain. I can easily imagine a flip version of this happening at an Obama rally. What I do want to consider is the dividing line between our views and the views of God. This prayer was partisan and presumptive in a way that, prior to seeing it, I would not have thought possible.

I would write a blog on this, but a local Pastor here in SLC already wrote an article that says it all. You can find his article, which appeared in today's Salt Lake Tribune, here. The only point I would add to the article is that the Pastor's prayer also displays his ignorance... Buddhists do not pray to the Buddha.

I think we need to keep a clear separation between our view... and speaking for God. Otherwise we end up where this Pastor got himself to:
  • My views are right
  • God is right
  • My views are God's views


didymus said...

I read a portion of that SLTrib article this morning, and I think it's important to note something the article briefly mentions: Sen. McCain had not arrived at the rally, and his campaign immediately repudiated the remarks.

Redlefty said...

Dumb. Like we can apply WWJD to a voting booth!

I'm pretty sure he would stayed home on voting night and had dinner with a prostitute and a congressman instead. You know, the dregs of society. :)

Brook said...

He was doing so well until he said "and I'd also like to add..."
Aside from (as Marianne pointed out elsewhere) the fact that "Hindu" is not a god, the funniest thing about this is the way he seems to try to manipulate God with a fear tactic ("they're gonna laugh at you and not think you're real if you don't let McCain win!")! God's reputation is at stake in a human election? how small is this guy's god?!

Andrew said...

Brook - I think that has become the MO of a fair amount of Christendom. The fear tactics have spread to our politics and now we want to see if God falls for it.

marianne Marty said...

In addition to the fear tactics has anyone noticed the sheer VIOLENCE that seems to be at play from some of the Republican party towards those voting Democrat? When I was volunteering for the Kerry campaign 4 years ago, we would regularly get pegged with bottles, garbage, screamed at ("babykiller"), given the finger and generally threatened at visibility rallies. Meanwhile the Bush people displaying signs next to us never had anything shouted or thrown at them time after time. My sister, my boss, so many people I know keep getting emails from people saying they are going to hell for voting for Obama. Just now in my office the wife of a client just went on a rant about how no Christian could vote for Obama and literally almost was yelling how if Obama was President little babies would be "chopped up on the table minutes after the mother gave birth." It was so ridiculous and violent and she was soooo angry. I have noticed this a lot in the last 4 years. The sheer hatred from the other side that seems to want to explode into violence and sometimes does. Does that seem consistent with someone who is truly at peace? I felt so peaceful after voting for Obama. Like no matter what happened I was just so proud. It certainly doesn't make me violent towards those who didn't. It's just so puzzling. One minute you are working at your desk, the next minute someone is exploding at you in an almost hysterical way. . .it's so strange. .

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