Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hats off to McCain

I really appreciate John McCain's attitude and words in response to some of the harshness and unreasonableness that can come out of folks during these political times (listen to the BOOS he gets for speaking truth about Senator Obama). Senator McCain chose the high road and was a great example to all of us.

I get emails almost daily detailing outrageous untruths about Senator Obama. These are usually being forwarded by Christians!! It always amazes me how little regard for truth is held by people who use the word truth like it is a trump card in a Euchre game.

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didymus said...

I feel sorry for McCain. He’s a good guy, and better than most. And it’s sad to see him having to correct the wacky viewpoints of his own supporters, and then get booed for doing so.

Brook said...

I love the bottom caption at the end: "Breaking News: Obama not an Arab". I'm not sure how much more dumbed-down our news media can get.

I'm glad he finally said something, but it maybe would have been nice if he stopped things at those other 2 rally's when one person, in response to the rhetorical question "who is Senator Obama?", yelled out "terrorist", and even more disturbing after someone at the other one yelled out "kill him!". And the more I see Pailin speak, the more I dislike her. she's not just amusingly incompetent any more. She's just stirring this sort of thing up all the time harping on the Ayers thing, fueling the campaign with fear. Not to make too much of an analogy (I don't think Obama is any kind of saviour), but this guilty-by-association thing reminds me of those who kept pointing the judgemental finger at that other guy who used to hang out with the drunkards and prostitutes about 2000 years ago. it's just odd that the only skeletons they seem to be able to dig up on Obama are in other people's closets.

Redlefty said...

I agree with the post and the comments so far.

Good for John that he's starting to call his supporters on this crap.

Shame on him (and Palin) that it took this long to do the right thing.

OneSmallStep said...

**It always amazes me how little regard for truth is held by people who use the word truth like it is a trump card in a Euchre game.**

It's fascinating, isn't it. Really, that behavior does a lot of damage to their overall message of the Gospel, because if they can't those particular truths right, why should I believe them on the bigger matters?

Andy said...

I wonder if Obama would do the same for McCain?

Let's check..... nope not once.

Or how about the flagrant attacks on Palin and her family. Nope Biden and Obama fueled the fire or stood idly by.

Thanks for your post Andrew now hold your candidate to the same standards!

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