Tuesday, August 19, 2008

McLaren Endorses Obama

There has been a fair amount of critique of Brian McLaren for appearing in this video endorsing Obama. Though I actually agree with some of the concerns, I don't recall hearing too much resistance to that behavior when Christianity spent the past three or four decades stitching itself to the Republican party.

I was in my late teens to early twenties before I realized that there were Christians who were Democrats. It took a while to sink in. As my political views became more moderate, I was wary at first of voicing my opinions in the decidedly Christian circles in which I traveled. Anything but the Republican/Conservative mantra would get you mocked or shunned. In many (most?) Christian circles today there is not a lot of grace given to those with differing political views. You simply aren't allowed to think any differently.

So I think the message of this video is actually, in many ways, about more than Obama. This is a message to the world that not every Christian is a right-wing Republican. It is a message to many Christians that they can give voice to things they have been thinking about (but had felt bullied into silence). It is a challenge to all Christians to listen to the many voices that are speaking on the landscape, and not just coast to the voting booth to do as they have always done.

One article I read felt that this video was a low-blow aimed at McCain concerning his colorful marriage history. Fair enough. However, I think the bigger jab is to the Religious Right which has used "family values" as a club against opponents .... yet seems to quickly dismiss the importance of it when it does not suit their political positoning. I think the video shows that stark contrast.

So.... I am a Christian of 25 years and I support Obama. However, you will not find me mocking McCain on these pages. I am embarrassed by the Christian bloggers who use their blogs to mock Obama. You can do better.


bunabear said...

What a great post, thank you for sharing it.

You are right, no need for "low blows." If we can each voice our thoughts and opinions based upon our values, there should be room for plenty of sane dialogue.

Blessings to you and your family.

Redlefty said...



A socially-libertarian, fiscally-conservative Christian. :)

Chad said...

Thanks for posting this, I'm actually sending this post off to a friend.

Amy said...

Andy...I always love reading your posts, they make me think so much out of the "Christian Box". I have no idea who I am going to vote for yet but I do know that I am sooooo sick and tired of the view that if I am really a true Christian then I can't vote anything but conservative Republican. I know too many amazing Christians, including yourself, who are voting for Obama. I refuse to drink the Kool-aid and just go vote the way I am "supposed to" because I am a Christian. Give me a big fat break!! Thanks again

Andrew said...

Amy - Thanks for commenting. I agree with you in that, it is not so much that I want people to vote for Obama (though I wouldn't complain), it just IS frustrating that Christians seem to feel they are republican by default. Since they default from that viewpoint, they fail to see the way other parties may also fulfill the causes that Christians prioritize (and the way the Republican party works against causes that Christians should be making a priority).

Andy said...

OH but you mock PALIN!!! Even out of context!

WOW! there is a name for that.

Speaking of sickening.

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