Thursday, August 28, 2008

Donald Miller praying at the DNC



bunabear said...

Andrew, thanks for posting this.

May I draw your attention to the following?

Could this be any more condescending? I will say, I was fairly surprised and pleased with many of the comments. They showed a little more critical thinking as opposed to the actual post.

Disclaimer: I have been reading more and more “conservative” sites simply to be more informed because of close family and friends with whom that viewpoint resonates.

But this – It is so distressing when our Christian brothers and sisters are so quick to judge and be divisive. I swear some people are trying to do God's job, when they should be dong God's work.

What do you think? Are you familiar with this FOTF group; Boundless? I will tell you that for me it is a study in patience to wade through some of material.

Andrew said...

No, I had not heard of boundless prior to your link. Yes, I thought many of the comments were encouraging. I think they are reflective of a growing minority of Christians who are finding their voice, and are finding aspects of the Christian subculture they were raised in wanting.

However, the one thing that has been clear in Christian History is that there will always be groups of believers trying to effect a monopoly on the Grace of God, so that others must come to them to get it. It is not enough that we are acceptable to God... they need to have their 2 cents as well about our acceptability. :)

Folks like the Boundless group can give me heartburn, but I have to always try to see them through God's eyes. He loves them. He likes them. How can I do any less?

bunabear said...

**see them through God's eyes. He loves them. He likes them. How can I do any less?**

Absolutely, I know that there is a place for all who truly seek after God.

We all need the mercy of God as we daily struggle to live out our faith.

John T. said...

Interesting prayer. Im curious, what ever happened to the American Idea of separation of Church and State. Slippery Slope...............

Andrew said...

John, I guess I am showing where my vested interests lie. Your question did drift through my mind at one point, but I got caught up reading people's commentaries about whether as a Christian Don should have even been there.

Has the DNC always had a closing prayer? or is this new? Can/should there be a closing prayer?

I am curious what you found "interesting" about the prayer.

Steve Hackman said...

John T, the very notion of the question you pose has been what has alienated people to the Democratic Party for decades. In theory, your question is valid, in reality, it is not. Nearly 78% of this country identifies itself as Christian and when not-commited people are asked to choose a religion if they had to the number goes up to 91%. Those are numbers that have kept the Democrats as a minority party for years, and a problem they are finally starting to address

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