Thursday, August 07, 2008

I Love My Neighbors!

My family and I moved from Michigan to Utah 4 years ago. We live in a suburb of Salt Lake City that has a pool, a clubhouse, and about 200+ homes. I sit on the HOA board, which can be a pain at times, but it keeps me plugged in to the neighborhood.

About half of our neighborhood are members of the LDS church. Last week their Bishop (lay pastor) went home to be with Jesus. It is a sad time for the family, church, and neighborhood; yet I have been blessed to see the outpouring of love and support that has occurred. It again reminds me how blessed my family is to live here.

Bishop Williams was a blessing to me and my family even though we are not LDS. He was always welcoming and easy to talk to. He and I both shared an affinity for TV and movies, so our conversations often went there. He brought life to our neighborhood.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Williams and their church family.

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didymus said...

That's something I need to do - get to know my local bishop. I hope to meet him this weekend, when we go to our Ward's service this Sunday, and hang with our neighbors.

I plan to drink a lot of coffee before I go for those three hours.

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