Friday, May 23, 2008

In Defense of Speed Racer

Speed Racer cost 160 million to make, but has cleared only 35 million so far. It may go down in the books as one of the greatest financial misfires of all time.

This should not be.

There is a group of us (a dozen or so) that have been meeting every Tuesday to catch the latest summer blockbuster. The week prior to Speed Racer we had seen Iron Man. Iron Man may end up being the best movie of the summer.

But our group had more FUN at Speed Racer!

It was a riot! Once you got into how over the top this movie was, it became hilarious. We were laughing through tears during the hotel/ninja scene.

Visually, the movie was amazing. There really has been nothing like it to date. The race scenes were awesome and the colors were almost unreal they were so vibrant.

This is definitely a group movie, and one that is safe to take the kids to.

One complaint I heard in the reviews was that Speed Racer was too long. Geez... How Fahrenheit 451 can we get? Does everything have to be done in 30 minutes in our ever growing ADD society?

Go see it! (I want the
Wachowski Brothers to keep making movies)


Anonymous said...

I love the movie to, but people are just mentally lazy to accept anything different, unique or trend-setting. Modern Civility has fallen into a mental rut.

Tivius said...

Awesome flick. Loved it !

Redlefty said...

I want the Wachowski brothers to keep going as well.

True originality is too rare in Hollywood already -- let's please keep the artists who are still there!


Unapologetic Matrix fan

David said...

Totally under-rated movie that should have been embraced by fans of Speed Racer.

Had a lot of fun watching this movie, plus my daughter loved it.

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