Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mmmm... Music goodness!

Happiness is a new CD!

During my teen and college years, my friend Brook and I would regularly blow every dime we had on the latest music. Our collections were vast. I would often grab a CD and say, "Hmmm... this looks good" and add it to the stack I was purchasing.

Nowadays, my disposable income can be counted in coins so it is rare that I splurge on CDs.

I rolled the dice on a new CD and am experiencing much happiness. The CD is Alpacas Orgling. It is primarily the work of an Artist named Bleu. I saw him when he opened for Switchfoot in Detroit a few years back. I was blown away by his concert. I rarely like a show if I don't know the songs, but I was into this show from start to finish. I picked up his CD, Redhead, that night and LOVED it. Thank God for the Internet. I have been trying to track him down for awhile and will now be slowly filling my Bleu collection.


Brook said...

and if your listening habits are anything like they were back then, what you're really saying is that the first track is great and you've been playing it over and over and haven't even heard the rest of the CD yet, right? ;-) Or have you moved on to listening to other tracks on a CD as well in your old age?

Andrew said...

Old age changes the WAY one listens to music as well. Now I have to do multiple things at once rather than JUST listening to the music. So since the music plays while I do other things, I got to listen to the entire CD and did not get stuck on the first track. :) Heh. Within in the first hour, I discovered I was very fond of tracks at the end of the CD.

Sue said...

Thank God for the internet indeed :) How wonderful word of mouth is.

Thank God also for secondhand CD buying - I've been doing a bit of that lately :)

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