Saturday, January 19, 2008

Donald Miller in the SL Trib

Good article in our local paper about Donald Miller- "Connecting to God without the Religious Right". The Salt Lake Tribune has been showing itself to have a broad base of religious coverage.

The article covers his book "Blue Like Jazz" which I enjoyed (so many people rail about the confessional booth, but I thought it was hilarious and spot on), but I also highly recommend "Searching for God Knows What". I appreciate his point that when we lost our relationship with God, we lost the voice that tells us who we are and that we matter. Since then, people stress each other out by demanding that others tell us these things.


Kay @ Aletheia said...

I've been wanting to read Miller for a while now. I imagine that I'll read all of them, but what book would you start with first?

Andrew said...

I have read Blue and Searching. I enjoyed them both. Blue is more like a collection of varied thoughts, while Searching is a bit more sequential. A friend of mine said Painted Deserts (his first) was the best. I noticed at Barnes and Noble today that they have all three books in one volume.

Redlefty said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I've been reading through your articles and am enjoying your style.

I'm a little ticked at you, though, because thanks to your blog my book reading list has reached a ludicrous size. :)

Andrew said...

Heh! I know how it is. Nearly every time I talk to my friend, Brook (, I have a new reading assignment.

The ticked off part runs two ways here, because I now added your blog to my Google reader. The list of blogs I am tracking is starting to get unmanageable. :)

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