Saturday, December 15, 2007

Backward Utah Legislature

Senator Howard Stephenson, Republican-Draper takes rudeness and brazeness to an entirely new level. This only happens in locales where people are strict one party voters (republican or democrat) because people like Mr. Stephenson know they can do or say as they please without consequence.

He is making a proposal for 40 million dollars to be spent on educational software for the state of Utah. I am a professed geek, and I love tech, but I also know there is no gee-whizbang software out there that will solve Utah's ills. This money could be spent much better somewhere else. I wonder how Mr. Stephenson is poised to benefit from this.

However, the icing on the cake is his contemptuous attitude toward educators. Here is the article (Deseret News), but I will supply some of his choice quotes :

Stephenson said his proposal is not about controlling funding. It's about exposing teachers to cutting-edge tools that many don't know exist. "(Teachers) are not knowledgeable of what's available."

He said that in past education legislation, when funding is competitively available in the form of grants, educators go after them "
like sharks fighting over a fish."

"(I've) learned that educators' drug of choice is grants — they smell grants, and they will move heaven and earth to qualify," Stephenson said.

"If we were to buy licenses and just pass them out they would mostly sit on a shelf, but when you give them their drug of choice they will focus in the optimum way to make sure it works," Stephenson said.

I used to hear statements of this quality come out of the leaders in Detroit when I lived there. They are on the other end of the spectrum - Democrats only. When one party rules, the people lose.

City of Draper, I understand that you will only vote Republican; but there are some Republicans out there who would be worthy to represent you.

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Joe Martino said...

They need to spend money educating their cops on civil rights. :)

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