Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Again with the "right" beliefs

This video is amazing. Reverend Billy gets mocked and chastised by a priest for not believing the "right" things. The priest, in my opinion, is condescending and arrogant. Yet, here is Reverend Billy, who doesn't have the "right" theology speaking graciously to his accuser. I think Billy is hitting the mark on the message of gospel and kingdom much better than the priest.

Thank you Reverend Billy for preaching a message of justice. This seems to be a message our ministers have forgotten in their haste to coerce people into the right club.


societyvs said...

I really like the viewpoints that 2 people that made the documentary are making about the 'shopacalypse'. I think that priest has some valid points but once we get into ethics and big business - well - that's a whole nother story and I think that priest (and reporter) is very short-sighted on the one simple command from Jesus in his analysis of Wal-Mart 'do unto others as you would want done unto you'.

That's pure trash for one of these people to even hint that sweat-shops make life better for other parts of the planet - do they even study why some of these places exist like that in the first place? I find that attitude about making life better via a sweatshop as not a very Christ-like thing to say - namely when we know how much better a condition can exist - which does not include sweatshops.

societyvs said...

You are correct about the 'right beliefs' thing popping up again - that priest seemed to think faith was based on some doctrinal card one can tote or a theological education. What a joke.

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