Sunday, December 15, 2019

Lapse of Judgment?

SAVANNAH, Ga. -- The man who appeared to slap a reporter on her backside while she was live on the air is now facing charges.

Thomas Callaway was arrested Friday and charged with sexual battery, WSAV reported.

As he should be.

I have heard and read many people saying that this is not worth prosecution. It was a momentary lapse of judgment. He should be able to apologize and have everyone move on.


Just No.

First, I don't believe it was a lapse in judgment. I had a lapse in judgment last night during a play I was in. There is this scene when I am part of a parade and we throw candy into the audience. Just once and it is clear we are doing so. At the end of the song I still had some candy (usually I am out). At the last moment, I decided to throw my remaining candy into the audience.


No one was expecting it this time and they cut the lights just as I threw it. Fortunately, everyone survived.

I also accidentally cut someone off today. I didn't check my blind spot as well as I should have. The driver was rightly annoyed with me.

These are lapses of judgment.

I would never have a lapse of judgment regarding smacking a woman's behind because that is not within the realms of possibility for me. There is never a moment when I am at the crossroads of that decision.

How many women could tell tales of how often they have been on the receiving end of this "lapse of judgment"?

Until we quit winking at this behavior, until we stop shrugging it off as no big deal... in other words, until we start prosecuting, we can expect this behavior to continue.

It needs to stop.

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