Friday, June 14, 2013

Quick Review: Man of Steel

Just got back from Superman... I give it a good, solid B.  It is enjoyable.  However it fails in the way that is common for most SciFi to fail these days : the story is used to support the effects, rather than the effects being used to support the story.

Have you seen the previews?  Then you have seen roughly half the dialogue used in the movie.  It would be interesting to compare the Reeves script and the Man of Steel script in terms of word count.  I would assume the present script is a fraction of Superman: The Movie.  Back in 1978... if you were going to fill 10 minutes of movie time, you had to write clever banter for Gene Hackman to deliver.  Now you can have 5 buildings crash in on each other....

... and that is the majority of time spent on the Man of Steel.  How can we make things crash...

It had its moments.  The actors all did their part admirably.  I just wish they were given more to say.

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