Sunday, June 23, 2013

Facebook Faith # 20 Mormon Staying Power

I was defriended on Facebook a couple more times in the past week.  You might think that with having  600+ friends, it would be hard to figure out who it was.  However, my short list of usual suspects are my conservative evangelical friends, and 99% of the time I am right.  It is not uncommon for a Christian Evangelical to defriend me within 24 hours of the friending.

Even before I declared my Atheism last year, the Christian Evangelicals were giving me the boot.  Simple things like the Christian me questioning the inerrancy of scripture,  or eternal punishment, were enough to hit the eject button.  Professional clergy were the primary ones giving me the heave-ho even before I left the faith.

The declaration of Atheism brought a huge drop off; I lost an easy tithe.  People who had been friends with me my whole life found this move to be too much.

I still have a lot of religious friends on Facebook, in fact, I would have to say the majority of them are religious.  I find it interesting that through all of these years of theological and philosophical shiftings, my Mormon friends have been the most solid.  This is curious, because in many respects I think they are similar to Evangelicals ... but on this issue they are extreme opposites.

Do you get defriended much?  If so, who are your primaries and what are the issues?
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