Monday, December 17, 2012

Yes Mr. Hackman, There Are Elves!

Notice the similarities...

I have been teaching for 21 years - pretty much exclusively in the upper elementary. A few turns of fate this year sent me to the other end of the elementary spectrum. I am now a 2nd grade teacher. It has been a blast, but every once in a while my "newness" to this age group comes shining through.

For example, today I was going over fiction and non-fiction.... when I forgot I was teaching second graders.

Me: So, for example I took my son to see The Hobbit this weekend and since it contained magic rings, and wizards, and elves, and trolls... that would make it fiction.

Student: Except for the elves... that part could be non-fiction.

Me: The elves could be non-fiction??

Student (looking at me incredulously): Well, yeah.... if they are NORTH POLE ELVES!

Me: .......... ...... ...... yeeeesssss.... I obviously..... had movie/hobbit elves on the brain......

Student (rolling his eyes): Sheeeesh!

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