Sunday, June 17, 2012

The God Party

The GOP is sometimes called "The God Party". This is because their members tend to want displays of the Christian religion in public places. They want prayer in public schools, mangers at city halls, Ten Commandments in court rooms, and they get a warm fuzzy every time Tebow goes down on his knees.

Often though, I think "God" is just another hook to rally the team. It is part of the culture. Most of the Right pumping their fist about Jesus really have little idea who they aligning themselves with.

So just to clarify, I think the GOP convention this year should start with a reading of the Sermon on the Mount. Have Henry Ian Cusick reprise his role as Jesus... and let him preach it to the crowd. Get all of the heroes of the Right in the front row so they don't miss a verse.

It's a little dream I have.....


Steve H. said...

I'd be up for that just to see Sean Hannity say how that socialist stuff was added by Obama into the Bible in one of those new funky translations.

Don said...

I like it!!

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