Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Romney's Mormonism Not A Problem

I have read a few blogs and articles lately that are conjecturing about how much Romney's Mormonism is going to be a problem once the primaries are over.  They believe Evangelicals (whom he would need to carry) are going to be tepid in their support for him at best.  Bill Maher has been stating that once folks start Googling Mormonism, it will be all over for Romney.

I hope no one is counting on this, because I just don't see it happening.  First, none of the GOP candidates have really gone there.  If his Mormonism has been of no real issue in the primaries, why would anyone suspect it will be an issue once he secures the nomination?  Democrats may decry religious conservatism in general, but I don't think we will ever see them going after Mitt's Mormonism.

Second, no one outside of Evangelicalism (and fundamental Baptists) cares that Mitt is a Mormon.  It is just another religion among many.  If Mitt does not make it an issue, I do not believe it will be an issue to most Americans.

Third, conservative Evangelicals ultimately won't care because... well... religion was moved to the sidebar in their worldview quite a while ago.  So long as Mitt talks about free markets and values, mentions the Constitution and our Founding Fathers, and gives the occasional hat-tip to "God" while promoting a strong military, they will be more than satisfied.

If you don't think conservative Evangelicals have moved a political worldview to the forefront of what drives them - just listen to their rhetoric.  Honestly,  I get shocked on a regular basis by what conservative Evangelicals say.  I want to interrupt, "You do know you claim to follow Jesus... right??"  There is a blog I subscribe to where the author takes pictures of Jesus and puts statements made by his followers in bubble quotes as if coming from him.  It is rather fascinating to see Jesus calling for public executions.

So no... in the end, I think Romney's faith will be of little account in the coming election. There may be a "few" evangelicals who stay home rather than vote for a Mormon; but those numbers will be matched by Democrats who stay home because they will not vote for anyone but a liberal.


Michael said...

When selecting the GOP candidate, an evangelical has a choice of either a Mormon or an adulterer.

And I spent enough time in Texas to hear plenty of people emphasize that Barrack HUSSEIN Obama is a true Muslim no matter what he claims or which church he actually attends. So they'd pick Romney over Obama no matter what they think of Mormonism.

All that to say I agree with you. Evangelicals will mostly vote for the GOP candidate, whomever he is.

Sandy said...

You do realize that in Florida there was only 3% difference among evangelicals in the primaries? Not a huge gap.

Matt said...

Actually i think Romneys Mormonism will be a big problem with evangelical voters weather they admit it or not. Firstly, just like with the abortion debate it is unlikely evangelical voters will vote for what they consider an adherent to a "heretical" religion, regardless of common causes on social and economic issues. Secondly, unlike Catholicism which is just considered mistaken by Evangelicals, Mormonism is considered more deeply flawed. In short, Romneys mormonism is going to be a much bigger problem than people are making it out to be.

The Arkwelder said...

I think Romney's religion matters a great deal, but not for the reasons people think. Read this blog article from a fellow Mormon.

And my response, if you're interested:

Also, this guy, while not a Mormon, has incredible insight into the problems posed by Romney's religion:

BTW, I suggest you begin listening at about 15:25. That's the meat of the presentation.

All these links are going to land my comment in your spam filter. We'll see.

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