Monday, February 20, 2012

Responses to Leaving the Faith


A few weeks ago, Ojo Taylor invited me to write a post for his blog (head over and check it out). I have been a fan of Ojo's work for a long time, literally since I was a kid, so I was glad for the opportunity.

I wore this shirt out!
I was probably about 15 when I first saw Ojo with the band, Undercover. I had recently been "saved", though I had been attending a Christian school for years and had grown up in church. Undercover had a humble, yet "in your face" punk rock style that appealed to a Christian 15 year old with a rebellious religious streak. My friends and I used to get in trouble at our Christian high school for going to see bands like Undercover. I remember being sent to the office and enduring a lecture by one administrator because my friends and I had spent the weekend at the Christian music festival Ichthus (this administrator, unbeknownst to me at the time, was having sex with girls at the school).

Undercover's change in lyrical content over the years often reflected what was happening in my perspective of life and faith. The writers of "Jesus Girl" and "God Rules" took on a new tone that kept me listening into my twenties and beyond.

Undercover at Cornerstone 2000
I am in the lower right.
A few years ago, I read an interview with Ojo where he was talking about the questions he had in regard to his faith - and how little his faith was holding up to the process.  I related entirely. Now in 2012, we both stand outside the Christian religion.

The 15 year old me would be utterly repulsed at what has become of my faith - but he probably couldn't help but air guitar at the thought that I got to write for Ojo Taylor.

(You can find a great talk that Ojo gave at the Freedom from Religion Foundation convention here.)


Michelle said...

Icthus, Newsong, Cornerstone...good times. :) 15 year old me wouldn't believe what's become of me, either.

Don said...

Guess it makes me the late comer. Leaving the faith that comforted me for 59 years was not easy, yet not all that hard (by the time I made my decision to act). It now seems like the natural progression to my journey. THere are times when I think about all the years spent in stagnation....then, I see what a learning experience it was. It gave me an unusual perspective on conservative evangelicalism.

Jon said...

Ha ha. "You're still one of us". Nailed me - guilty as charged. Apologies for defining you instead of letting you dfefine yourself!

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