Sunday, September 04, 2011

Instruction Manual For Life

There are a lot of creative, poignant, and clever videos on Youtube. Sometimes though, one is just so good you have to blog about it.

In this short animation, we follow the life of a young person who was taught to live his life according to a certain book. Along the way his view of the book and his view of life expands.  His conclusions are, I believe, healthy.

I particularly related to the part where the two girls come to tell him that his cupboard is wrong.  He just sighs with exasperation.  Yep... been there.....

 HT: We Were Going To Be Queens


Mae said...

Thanks for sharing this video - love it! I think my favorite part was when he put everything together just as the manual said and saw that everything fit together so poorly that it couldn't even "stand up."

Sammy said...

Awesome video! I absolutely loved the metaphor. I think the best part is how his parents react to his second new cupboard by punishing him and he feels lied to and betrayed. I remember being in that same situation and how frustrating it was.

Jagrr said...

Great video. Loved it! Thanks for sharing Andrew.

Andrew said...

Mae - Great insight! I missed that. So true... which is why every subset of Christianity cherry-picks their scripture... they are just loathe to admit it.

Sammy - Yeah, and not just parents... I think often the community jumps on that bandwagon... which sends the message to the rest of the group - some questions are not to be pursued.

Hi Jagrr- Welcome! You seem to know me... who are you? :)

Eruesso said...

Loved the video, Andrew. My favorite line is when he tells his dad about all the extra room for more drawers. The metaphor of growth and building our own spirituality has always resonated strongly with me.

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