Tuesday, September 20, 2011

History Repeats Itself

I could not help thinking that I have heard all of the arguments made in this "pro-marriage" video before - every documentary I have seen of the American Civil Rights movement; every time in history that I read of a majority group trying to make second class citizens of others; in every case these same words were used.

Fear....  THEY will wreck what you hold dear.  THEY are being uppity.  THEY should know their place.  THEY are less than us.  THEY will twist your children.




Sigh... we keep going around the same trees historically.  We keep reliving the same arguments, playing out the same scenarios, wrestling with the same tired issues.

There will always be a new THEY.

It reminds me of Matthew Broderick's character at the end of  Wargames, setting Joshua to cycle through endless scenarios that keep arriving at the same destructive conclusion.

If there is a God in Heaven, he must be watching this endless cycle flash past his eyes while muttering, "Come on. Learn, goddammit!"


Eruesso said...

That video was brutal. Loved the Wargames reference!

Anonymous said...

If there is a God I bet his language is more than damn. :)

Since I doubt that there is a God I will gladly cuss in his stead.

I swear, it seems a certain segment of our population was dropped on its head as a toddler and they never recovered.

Jon said...

So let me get this straight. Gay marriage advocates are demanding that we all become gay? Or are they just planning to kill all the straight people? It would have made me afraid too if I could stop laughing for long enough.

Andrew said...

Yeah, this video was chillingly comical. The sneer on that one woman's face was almost 3d without the glasses.

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