Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quotes from Blogs I Have Read Recently # 10

I don’t think I can handle seeing one more angry Facebook debate or hearing another less-than-subtle accusation from the pulpit that a certain pastor finally revealed themselves to be a false teacher.
~ New Ways Forward

This is the tension and controversy in the book. Traditional Christianity has taught that this life is your chance, your opportunity to repent or face eternal conscioius torment for all eternity. Bell is standing on an older tradition that state that in ages to come the whole world of fallen creation will be restored to the Father through the Son. This is more than a good southern Baptist can stomach. ~ Not Whistling Dixie

The entire system of fundamentalist Christianity is established on the few being entirely right and the many being completely wrong. There is no wiggle room. They vigorously insist that the only way to procure a genuine relationship with God and enter into heaven is through their religious system. All other methods are an illusion. Of course, as humans, we frequently judge the merits of a belief system on the actions of its adherents. Fundamentalists know this. That is why they advocate the position that they solely exhibit morality. First, it lends credence to their particular beliefs. Second, it disparages non-believers. From the outside, this accusation seems obviously ludicrous. But to a believer, it merely confirms their convictions. ~ The Scientific Universalist

Indeed, if you proof-text enough, just about every conclusion is Biblical and just about every starting point can be argued. But, as I've said before, theology is nothing until it hits the ground and what's most important about a theology is not whether or not it's "true" but it's the way it hits the ground. Do our theology hit the ground in such a way that they roll us in the direction that God is moving? Or does it take us somewhere else. That's what matters. What direction will your starting point take you and should you consider starting somewhere else? ~ Living in the Kingdom

This is why Christ's victory over death is so central to Christian universalism. If death remains the moral pivot of your biography then the death-fetish remains firmly in place, along with its other-worldly obsessing. Universalism removes the death-fetish, creating a this-worldly orbit around God's love. A love-centered faith. As the bible says, perfect love casts out fear. We become liberated not only from death but from the fear of death. ~ Experimental Theology

Universalism is weakness. There is no reason people should become Christians, no reason they should be good, except an appeal to their better nature. The rebel, the apostate, the oppressor, the persecuter of Christians, will not ultimately be punished. The only answer to evil, oppression and violence is love and forgiveness. This is frightening, it makes us powerless, it has its own terror as we realise there will be no flaming sword to defend us. It is the way of the Cross. ~ Painting Fakes

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Don Hendricks said...

Great quotes, loved the zinger in the last one. Keep up the searching brother.

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