Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Hard to Watch

This video was downright painful to watch. I couldn't believe it went on for 14 minutes. Ugh! I was exhausted! I am definitely going to need to re-read Thich Nhat Hahn's Teachings on Love after viewing it. It made me realize though who the group is that I have trouble loving - loud, ignorant, white, Christians! Help me Jesus! :)
* (Note, the Christian protesters came to protest a pro-Sharia group that never showed up.)

What is interesting is that the Muslim man shows grace for his "enemies" and their symbols... and the protesters can't even comprehend it.

HT : A God-Sized Puzzle


Don said...

The longest 14 minutes I've spent in a while. I'm convinced the great majority of the crowd conveniently chose to leave out the parts of the Bible which didn't fit their attitude toward Muslims on that day. Amazing how the crowd refused to allow that which they are privileged to enjoy.

curmudgeon said...

I think it is sad they protest this guys religion in the name of freedom of religion. Many of the voices in the crowd were "leaders" of their own congregations. They claimed it was a peaceful protest but shouting down a man who has done nothing to you with hateful tone is nearly as violent as punching the guy in the face. If the intent of the protest was rally against the Muslims in the country, I think it had the opposite effect.

Mae said...

Definintely difficult to watch. Very clearly shows the different developmental levels of the protestors and the man who was praying. Sad that the protestors, while thinking themselves superior, are blind to the fact that their actions are not in love and their own holy book is as violent as the Koran. Fundamentalists are definitely the most challenging people to love!

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