Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dropbox Love

What?  You haven't heard of Dropbox?

Well, install this nifty little program on all of your computers, then you will have a common folder between all of those computers (and some phones too).  Save a file to your Dropbox folder, and that file becomes available in your Dropbox folder on every computer you have.

For me, Dropbox has replaced my having to email files to myself at work, or using a USB drive. In fact, I am more and more getting into the habit of using it as my main document folder, so everything is always available to me. I can also send links to people so they can get at specific files in my dropbox.  This is nice for sending big files to friends and family.

Your Dropbox is also on the web, so you can access your files from any computer.

So what is the catch?  You only get two gig for free.  Beyond that is a monthly subscription plan.

You can also get some extra free storage space when you refer people.  This is where you come in.  If after checking it out, if you like what you find, could you sign up through this link?  Every addition gives me another 250 mg.

It really is a great program.  I originally heard of it because it is one of the few ways you can get files to an Ipad wirelessly.  Once I started using it, I realized how practical it was to have it on all of my machines.


atimetorend said...

I like dropbox a lot, but i signed up for it a week earlier than your post. :^)

irreverance said...

Sweet! I'm in.

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