Sunday, November 28, 2010

Break the Sabbath

In the tradition of George Carlin, I think it is time to update a scriptural notion; this whole idea of resting on the sabbath. I think it was premised in a good motive; people of that time were primarily physical laborers, mostly in agriculture. They WORKED a lot. It made sense to have a day when you did no work.

Now admittedly, most cultures pay this injunction no mind, but there are plenty of places that still do. Here in Utah it is very big. However, like I said, I don't want to stop it - I just want to update it. To do so, rather than being a day of rest, it needs to be a day of recreation (notice, I am sticking with an R word). The reality is that most of us really don't do that much physical labor anymore - not in comparison to the ancients. In fact, odds are in America, the less physical work your job requires the more money you are making. Most of America's top earners are eating donuts during meetings or talking on the phone. The last thing in the world they need is a day dedicated to being sedentary!

So go recreate! Get a sweat going! Go enjoy the company of your fellow human beings! People like me (30 lbs overweight) don't need a day off, we need a day ON!

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societyvs said...

"The reality is that most of us really don't do that much physical labor anymore - not in comparison to the ancients" (Andrew)

That's not the problem in the Industrial Nations, comparing our labor with theirs does nothing.

The latest studies with regards to work are showing people are over-worked and lacking motivation to work because of this. This is causing stress, depression, marriage breakdown, nervous breakdown, etc. The era of the 40 hour work week must die - or we will.

I like the sabbath idea, a day off from all those worries and some time to relax, and I mean really relax and enjoy that day. Nothing wrong with working out - is that work? Playing music - is that work? I don't think 40 hour work a week job is my work - and it's pretty much a ball n chain that I need to take off for a few days.

Mentally, we are may more challenged than the ancients - and pressure wise as well. I have done physical labor for a few years and have done mental type work - physical labor was tough on the body but you can literally be stoned while doing it and still manage a good job (ie: the trades have this problem). But taking that kind of break when dealing with students and files that require near perfection or there are problems, well the stress of that can keep people up at nights.

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