Monday, April 26, 2010

Samir Selmanovic: It's Really All About God

I am enjoying his book : It's Really All About God

"Our understanding of God is vital to us, but only if we recognize that our understanding of God is not God".

"Why are Christians, and other religious people for that matter, absent from the places where they can't be in charge?"

"We want supremacy, but that is not what we really need.  What we really need is to learn to be a part of the whole."

"Religions are meant to lose their luster to God's larger presence".

Oh, and check out this book review by his daughters -


Eruesso said...

This book has been on my booklist since it came out (along with a lot of other books). I hope to pick a copy up in the near future.

Don said...

I too, have this one on "the list". Problem is my "list" keeps getting longer, and with me, so many books, so little time.....Gotta have it...right after the three I'm currently reading.

Bob said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Andrew. I really enjoyed the portions you quoted. I'm also adding this to the ever growing list and look forward to reading it.

Andrew said...

Yep, those book lists are ever growing. Such a pleasant predicament. :)

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