Friday, January 29, 2010

If That's Winning, I'd Hate To See What Losing Looks Like.

Hey, maybe you haven't been keeping up on current events, but we just got our asses kicked!! ~ Hudson (Aliens)

Often, it is not until you step outside a situation that you can look at it objectively. Having renounced certain religious, political, or societal views, you then look back to see glaring inconsistencies that are so obvious, it makes you wonder how you spent so many years stepping over them.

I had one of those moments of realization yesterday. I began abandoning popular evangelical theology years ago and along with that, their interpretations of an eternal Hell. It seemed to me that evangelical theology only allows for two interpretations of eternity, either:
  • God is in control, and his design was such that the vast majority of humanity will be consigned to eternal torment.
  • God’s original plan was thwarted and although he has provided an escape route (which for some unknown reason favors people of white European descent or those who have been conquered by them); nevertheless the vast majority of humanity will be consigned to eternal torment.
I am wondering how, in either of these scenarios, God gets to claim a victory? Under most circumstances, when Team B destroys the vast majority of Team A’s interests, we would consider Team A “surviving” at best, even if they got the final blow.

As I see it, under typical evangelical theology, "god" gets his ass kicked.

Hmmmmm..... and they say what I believe is heresy...... ;)


Redlefty said...

Because don't you know that there's a mysterious force that's even MORE powerful than the creator of the universe?

Free will.

Even God bows down to it.

Which is also why he loves capitalism and the American way.

Hallelujah pass the victory cakes! :)

I like your point and agree that I look back on some of my previous theology and chuckle. Just as I'll do in a few more years when looking back at today.

Logan said...

Well written Andrew. :)

Don said...

I've had that same epiphany numerous times lately; looking back and thinking how could I ever have taken all that seriously. And, the answer is: I wasn't thinking at all!! I wear that "heretic" badge proudly. So far, no one has called me that, except on my blog!

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