Thursday, January 07, 2010

I Have A Confession

There is a scene in the Simpsons movie where Flanders stands up in church and announces, "I have a confession to make!" Homer immediately crosses his fingers and starts quietly chanting, "Gay, Gay, Gay!"

I have a similar reaction every time I see Republicans getting excited about Sarah Palin. I find myself smirking, crossing my fingers, and quietly chanting "Run, Run, Run!"


Anonymous said...

I can accept the political differences I have with a Republican. My worldview is different from theirs.

However, I don't get the Sarah Palin support. Why? What qualifications? She offers no substance.

Sometimes I think people lover because she is folksy, good looking and an Evangelical. And that's it. Policy doesn't matter. Intellect doesn't matter.

Sarah Palin is worshiped in my neck of the woods. She is considered the great thing since George Wallace. :)

R-Liz said...

I'm scared to death of Sarah Palin running because of what Bruce states-- she's worshiped by many, many people. Perhaps I'm paranoid, but I'm worried she could run a tight race b/c of the ground-work that's been laid by the right-wing talking heads.

And do I see that Bruce is blogging again? Woo-hoo!!

Don said...

With GREAT reluctance, I bought her book for my wife for Christmas (it was on the top of her list). Frankly, she scares me. Her dispensationalism (AOG) is counterproductive to peace. dispensationalists as a whole want war in the Middle East so as to bring on the "rapture" and Armageddon. There are enough of those types in the USA to produce genuine problems for the USA and the world.
As Bruce said, "She offers no substance". Her support is widespread among the right.

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