Monday, September 21, 2009

Maher interviews Wendell Potter

I have to post another Maher interview. He really has some of the best on television right now.

This week Bill interviewed Wendell Potter, a former Cigna exec and head of their public relations. Just over a year ago, Wendell had an attack of conscience and has now become one of the health insurance industries biggest critics and staunch advocate for public health care.

I thought it was interesting that prior to his leaving, one of his responsibilities was to refute Micheal Moore's movie Sicko. He has this to say at the end of his interview:

Wendell: We were working overtime to discredit the movie...

Bill: But he wasn't wrong...right?

Wendell: He was not wrong. He got it right.

Watch to see why he left Cigna.


John Shore said...

This is great, Andrew. I really appreciate you presenting stuff of this quality; I found both this and the interview of Moyers enlightening.

ejb said...

I feel the same way about Glenn Beck as you do about Maher:) (And I know you agree with me on that one!) There IS a health care problem in this country, no doubt, and I think that is where lots of us agree but as to the solution for that, well, you and I both know how efficiently government runs large programs (like public education.....). Everything they touch turns to gold.....(and yes, there is more than a hint of sarcasm in that sentence). But I will give it to Maher, it IS a good interview

Andrew said...

John - I am really growing to enjoy Maher's interviews and panels. To be sure, it leans left, but he gets a lot of very reasonable conservatives on there.

He had a gentleman on recently who represented a vetrans rights group. He put forth the opinion that most of these news shows with panels do not want a calm well-versed individual on, they want a firery ideologue. I am finding that to be true. Most news shows are not having true conversations, there is just a group of six trying to over speak one another to insert their talking points... sad.

Em- I am going to put it out of my mind that you are a Glen Beck fan ;) (We really miss you at Backman btw. Say hi to Bo!)

ejb said...

watch THIS great interview on universal health care and the stimulus package:

You'll LOVE it! :)

ejb said...

sorry it didn't copy correctly...I'll try again:

ejb said...

Weird. It didn't work's the Jay Leno/Rush Limbaugh interview. Google it and check it out if you get a sec! :) Hope you are doing well, too!

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