Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern

Yep, I am a comic geek. The coming of children and the expenses they bring caused me to curtail my buying habit, but I am always happy when a comic character hits the screen correctly.

I was horrified a few years back when there were rumors that Jack Black was going to portray Green Lantern in a campy/comic take on the character. The author of this fan trailer has caught the tone I hope the upcoming movie will have. And since they haven't chosen a lead actor yet, I think this video shows that Nathan Fillion would be a great choice.


Steve H. said...

Nathen Fillion would rock as the Green Lantern but I've always been holding out for him to replace Harrsion Ford as Indiana Jones.

I still can't see the video you are showing because of these censors here. Frak!!

Andrew said...

See, this is why Iran and China's attempts at controlling info by curtailing media is going to backfire on them. Yes, everyone hates political controls... but it REALLY pisses people off when it spills over to entertainment control (which it must by default). It is the human need for entertainment which will bring down corrupt regimes. :)

Redlefty said...

He'll always be Mal to me!

David said...

I think we talked once or twice over the years about comics...much to Brooks dismay if I remember correctly.

What do you think of the GL casting?

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