Friday, March 06, 2009

Artistocats Next Week

My son and daughter will be in a production of the Aristocats starting next week with the South Jordan Community Theater. Kathryn is the mother cat, Duchess. Jake is part of the dog troop. This is Kathryn's 4th production with the company; Jake is hitting the stage for the first time.

It has been fun for me to watch both my kids so excited and involved in something together. In fact, Jake demonstrated his seriousness about the production. Last week, the director mentioned that the dogs needed to keep their bangs under their hat, or cut their bangs. Jake seemed to only grasp the second part. He didn't believe my wife when she told him keeping his bangs under his hat was enough; so he snuck upstairs and quietly took care of his bangs with scissors.

1 comment:

Redlefty said...

Ha! Yes, definitely serious about his craft.

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