Saturday, February 14, 2009

Quotes from articles I read this week

We really have to stop this nonsense talk about taking the world for Christ when most of us don’t even know our own next door neighbors. - Backyard Missionary

Fundamentalists and fanatics can't laugh at themselves or anybody else. Don't make that mistake. And fundamentalists also fear that somebody might have fun somewhere...let that person be you. - The New Unitarian Universalist

This salvation message was one of the fact of Hell, the plan for avoiding Hell, and the subsequent "sinners prayer" that would keep you out of Hell. - A Former Leader's Journey

Is there a better world to have? It seems there must And still we pray to God, when will He make it just? He might ask the same of us
- The Bob Blog

Shouldn’t the same people who insist that the Bible be taken literally on the matter of homosexuality also insists that the Bible be taken literally on the matter of personal wealth? - John Shore

Christianity presents itself as a system of belief while Buddhism presents itself as a way of Life. - Living in the Kingdom

Here is the bottom line. Donations are down. Droves of Evangelicals fled the fold during the last election and no one is taking their place. Less people. Less money. Less money. Less influence. Less influence. Less power. Their greatest fear? Irrelevance.

So what is the answer? Fear. Stir up the passions of the faithful. Get them to fear Obama and the Democrats. Get them to fear religious persecution. Result? More money. - Bruce Droppings

Discovering our potential is some kind of modern mantra, but it's a brutal one. Fulfill your potential or else your life is a waste. I reject that. - How God messed up my religion

In God’s economy, there is enough for everyone because no one has more than he needs. - Out of Ur


didymus said...

Thinking about the creating fear quote above. Did you read what that guy, James Adkisson, wrote just before he went on his shooting rampage at that Unitarian Universalist Church out Knoxville, Tennessee, last July. It reads much like many of the religious right blog posts these days. I am reminded of something I read the other day (on internetmonk) concerning the current 'fear' rhetoric and the related abortion issue:

The endless escalation of this issue will result in violence, either verbal or physical. Unstable people, angered by outrageous acts that inflame their emotions over their reason, will perpetuate a cycle of violence. Christians bear responsibility, in my view, to find a way to focus without creating the beginnings of a cycle of vengeance and revenge in the minds of those for whom violence is justified in this cause.

Redlefty said...

didymus, I have met many Christians furious over abortion, to the point of screaming and fighting. Very, very few of them have volunteered a single minute at a pregnancy clinic to help a confused teen.

It was a shocking revelation when I realized this, because the mirror showed me a man who'd chosen his own issues to get vocal about, but not get busy with.

I love this blog post and how it pulls from all over the web.

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