Friday, February 20, 2009

Chris Buttars - Yep, he's my senator!

Senator Buttars is our very own Archie Bunker... without the humor. The only benefit I see to him politically is that he drives many conservative republicans toward the center.

Utah is changing slowly but surely. Senator Buttars is one of the last vestiges of the old political guard that we need to wipe from our shoe.


didymus said...

Ahh, Buttars... He gets on my nerves.

Steve H. said...


I don't know anything about Buttars and I watched the clip. I am also (ironically) watching "Milk" with Sean Penn about Havrvey Milk, the first openly gay elected politician. I'm wondering, is it possible to disagree with the homosexual agenda (and watching this movie I think even Milk sees what he does as an agenda) and not enjoy ridicule. If you disagree with homosexuality in American society, is it supposed to be like religion, and be a private matter kept to yourself or is it OK to politically work towards curbing it?

Andrew said...

I think there is a large difference between believing homosexuality to be a sin, and being anti-gay. There are plenty of people who are anti-gay and have little to no religious basis for it. They are driven by an "ick" factor regarding homosexuality and our human need to have an "other" or outside group.

I do not think that most Christians, or in this case Mormons, recognize when they have stepped beyond the one and into the other.

Using Mark Driscoll as an example. I think he is a detriment to Christianity. To be honest, I think when he makes a convert, he makes him "twice a son of hell" as he is. I could listen to his sermons each week and shred them on this blog.

But if I did, then I am in the wrong. I have become the ass.

That is not to say that I avoid the topic, but I am not going to make Driscoll my cause. My cause should be the cause of Christ.

I am not sure where the line is drawn on the issue of homosexuality, but I think I know when it has been crossed. For Buttars, it has become a cause.

I think the religious community's approach to homosexuality is patently wrong. We crossed over the line when we made it a cause.

Steve H. said...

But you seem to suggest there is either a religious reason for thinking homosexuality is a sin or a "homophobic" one (for lack of a better term. Is it possible for someone to actively seek to curb the increase of homosexual acceptance and not be perceived to be driven by one of these two things? In the film "Milk" people who oppose Milk are divided into the catagories you mentioned, they are either religious buffons, or real "hate" idiots who beat up and murder gays

Andrew said...

I don't mean to imply that anyone with a religious conviction is a buffoon. I think you can have a conviction without being anti-gay.

But what is the third category you elude to? If someone is not grossed out, or religiously convicted, I do not see why anyone would care how 2 % of the population engages in their personal bedroom practices.

Brook said...

colour me grossed out AND religiously convicted that it is wrong. but mostly just grossed out. except by lesbians. lesbians are cool (I think they're wrong too, but in a good way).

I'm not out to bash anybody, I think gay people should have just about all the rights and equal treatment anyone else does, but the thought of 2 gay men raising a child gives me the screaming hee-bee-gee-bees on a very deeply disturbing level. I realize that's probably the most politically uncorrect thing I could say these days, but that would be the main reason I would give a care. I don't say this because I need an "other" group to be on the outside, there are just certain things that I think are wrong (and did I mention gross?) no matter how much it is accepted.

you may throw stones and tomatoes at me now...

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