Monday, December 22, 2008

Thank God for Digital Cameras

I have been doing a little bit of picture sorting this evening. Whenever I do this, I marvel at the blessing of digital pictures. I purchased my first "real" digital camera in 2001. Since then, the picture folder on my computer has grown from a handful of shots, to roughly 13,000.

Digital cameras have let all of us take great shots. Yes, we may delete 12 of the same thing; but that doesn't matter if one turned out really good.

These digital pictures let me peruse memory lane more than any print ever did. My wife and I both have stacks of photo albums stacked away in closets that rarely get looked at. However, there are multiple screens in our house that are constantly rotating through the memories of these past 8 years. It often happens that a conversation is interrupted by a picture that passes by on a monitor. Before we know it minutes have gone by without a word said, as we once again lose ourselves in the pictures.

Now I just need to find an easy, inexpensive way to transfer all of my prints to digital.

(The above picture of my daughter Kathryn was one of my first shots back in 2001.)


Tit for Tat said...


Is the gift of pain a good read?

Andrew said...

I read it about 8 years ago and remember enjoying it. It is one that I have been meaning to get back to. Dr. Paul Brand is the primary author, and he uses a lot of medical examples and examples from his practice to convey what he has learned about God. He makes a medical case for the necessity of pain, and then extrapolates that to humanity as a whole. It is interesting. You have given me a nudge to pull it out again.

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