Sunday, December 28, 2008

Reverend Billy: A Lone Voice?

I wonder why there are not more "preachers" talking about the topics Bill Talen talks about... Is it because the Christians in the western church are wedded to the same consumerism we should be speaking against? Did God go outside the church walls to a thespian in New York so that He would have a voice that would speak prophetically to our culture? Is the Christian church so busy getting people into the "belief club" that we have lost our ability to be salt and light in our neighborhoods and cities?

Let's make a few less purchases this week and go spend some time connecting with our neighbors.......


Bruce said...


Hey we got a good thing going......why ruin it. :)

Our consumerism will be our greatest shame on judgment day.

We have our buildings, programs, and staff......too bad we can't come up with a bit of money for the poor or those suffering in other places.

This one issue still troubles me......not only as a former pastor but as an individual. By American standards I am at the bottom of the economic scale........but poor I am not. As long as I have all the "stuff" I have and as long as I have all the "essentials" like satellite tv and radio, internet, cell phones, etc, etc ,etc.......poor I am not.

Does God really care what I do with my money? After all isn't it my money to do what I wish? Yes.......and that is the sad seems I spend far too much on self and creature comforts and far too little on "others."

It is this one area of life I find myself most troubled and uncomfortable. Please do not mention it again :)


Tit for Tat said...

Our consumerism will be our greatest shame on judgment day.(Bruce)

I dont think we need to wait for the fictitious "judgement" day. Were all feeling it now.

Bruce said...

Tit for Tat,

While I believe in a final reckoning you are quite right about feeling judgment now.


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