Saturday, September 03, 2005

We hold that Special Truth

I should write more often, I certainly have enough things on my mind, but typing is a much slower process than simply pontificating my thoughts during a conversation.

The LDS faith out here continues to fascinate me. No, I shan't be converting anytime soon. Chief among the reasons for never converting is that it is simply too much like any other denomination (I also count all non-denominationals as a denomination). The LDS too, believe that they have a hold of a special truth that everyone else is less privy to. This attitude pisses of evangelicals cause they know that it is, in fact, evangelicals who have that special truth. Nothing irritates a religious person more that the implication that there is a religion that has one-upmanship on theirs.

Since I classify as an evangelical, I guess that makes me a little less patient when my group pulls the "We know something you don't" card. I am becoming a little more bold saying, "No, I don't think LDS folks are going to hell (whatever that means), and yes, I think they do follow Jesus Christ", whenever someone spouts off their negative views of the LDS.

I often hear "but they have a WORKS gospel!" I think my new reply is going to be "Yes, isn't it great that they take the many, many commands of Christ pertaining to works seriously? Isn't it grand that they do not ignore the countless times the writers of the Epistles charge us to do good works?!"

To me, having a Grace Vs. Works stance is as fruitful as arguing election and free will. Scripture addresses both and gives credence to both. Let it go and quit getting ticked at folks who seem to have a leaning that runs contrary to your leaning. Lewis said that it was like trying to argue which blade of the scissors is not required.

But don't they worship a different Jesus? I'll tackle that one next time... goodnight!

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