Saturday, September 10, 2005

Crash the Party

Mary Lee and I just spent an incredible evening at "Crash the Party". It was kind of a thank you dinner from the K2 staff to all of the members. Some of the night was spent reminiscing about everything that has gone on this year. It is amazing to me what we have done at K2 in only one year. What is more amazing still is that Mary Lee and I almost missed out on doing this. But God, in his infinite mercy and wisdom, ignored all of my objections about coming out here and pushed me along anyway. I was looking around the room and realizing how tight my family and I have become with so many of these people. Hearing some of the newer people share about what K2 has meant to them was encouraging. I think sometimes I get caught up in the work aspect of what we do and fail to see the miracle of lives being changed.
Mary Lee and I sat with Chris A., the Burdines, and Steve Andrews. I have an amazing amount of respect for Steve. I always feel that when Steve comes into town to visit us, it is like when Washington would visit his troops... His encouragement just pumps you up and makes you want to redouble your efforts.
They were giving out various "awards" tonight. Mary Lee was honored with "most likely to feed the hungry" for all of her work on the hospitality team. I think I am correct that she actually started that whole thing out here.
Way tired with a lot to do tomorrow.

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