Monday, February 16, 2015

Rooster's Gourmet Popcorn!

First Round
Last year, Rooster's Gourmet Popcorn ran a contest - whomever gets the most Facebook Likes to their Facebook page inside a week, gets a year's supply of free popcorn. My mind instantly started whirling.... First, I am very engaged on Facebook and might actually be able to pull this off. Second, and more importantly, Jake LOVES Rooster's popcorn! We had stopped in a number of times when going out to a movie, and he had actually put Rooster's Popcorn on his Christmas list!

So, I put it out to all my friends on FB and tried to play it up as a festive happening. On the Rooster's FB page, I started a thread and friends joined in to add their encouragement, memes, and popcorn jokes. I was having a lot of fun promoting this.  Within that few days, we had added well over a hundred likes to their page.

Cherry Cordial and Loaded Baked Potato
A few days after the contest ended, the owner emailed me to let me know we had won. We were thrilled to win of course, but the excitement grew over the next few days as it started to settle in that we were going to get free popcorn... for a year!

And not just any popcorn, if you have never been to Rooster's, they have dozens of flavors available at any given time - cheeses, chocolates, fruity, nutty, sodas, spicy, sweet - it is like the Wonka factory for popcorn.

Coconut and Kettle Corn
Our first flavors were Buffalo Wing and Toffee Pecan. We met the owner and she was as nice as could be. I determined over the next year to post about our weekly venture for popcorn; they were such great people and so kind to feed us popcorn for the year, I at least wanted to do what I could to promote them on social media.

For Jake and I, it was a fun bonding time to make our weekly trek to Rooster's, select our flavors, and take that week's pic. We occasionally brought others along for the ride. Sometimes it was Grandma and Grandpa, or foreign exchange students, or Kathryn filling in when Jake was sick, or the whole family - but mostly it was me and Jake.

Last Visit
Over the year, we became regulars at Rooster's. The staff made our visits fun and the popcorn was great! I want to thank them again, not just for the popcorn, but for the festive year long event this created for my family!

Thank You Rooster's Gourmet Popcorn!
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